Meet The Tandem Travelers

Hi, we are Katie & Dan, “The Tandem Travelers.” Thank you so much for visiting our website!

Our mission is to educate and positively impact the hearts and minds of our local and global family, by sharing insights and resources in the spirit of collaboration and community!

Our Story….so far

In 2012, we were married in our amazing hometown of San Diego, California. Fortunate enough to travel the world together during our engagement and beyond, we have also been blessed to sample the sights, sounds, tastes and scenery of the place we call home. It was not long after we first started dating and traveling together, we began exploring our mutual passion for food, travel hacking and experiencing everything the world has to offer on a budget. Our weekend getaways turned into opportunities to learn new things about ourselves and the possibilities for our lives together! Meeting all kinds of interesting people and being inspired by local cultures, we draw inspiration from those around us, reading about other traveling individuals, couples, and groups with the same adventurous dreams and aspirations. Living in San Diego is awesome! The city is a booming craft beer mecca and there is so much experimentation going on with local food, festivals and hospitality. Motivated by our love for the culture of San Diego, and our passion to live our travel dreams, we hope to satisfy our wanderlust by continuing to explore America’s Finest City, as well as more amazing places around the United States and abroad, sharing our opinions, ideas and experiences along the way!

About Katie

I have always enjoyed hanging out with family and friends, and I was blessed to experience new adventures and go on road trips with my parents, camp and hang out with family and friends at an early age. After graduating high school and dropping out of college, and I decided to unexpectedly join the USMC! I proudly served my country in the United States Marine Corps, which granted me the opportunity to visit new destinations. I soon realized just how much I loved traveling. Immersing myself into new cultures and observing how others define their own reality is a passion of mine. I love meeting new people, and I love helping people. After earning a few degrees, serving the local San Diego community, and committing myself to a variety of populations, I am currently fulfilling a dream of mine, working as a Certified Yoga Teacher, 200. I have a special place in my heart for teaching and working kids, helping military families, and being a resource for Veterans transitioning back into society. Travel, yoga, and other health and wellness activities can enrich and save lives. I am excited to share my passion for travel, yoga, health/wellness/lifestyle, music, and dance with the world! I love exploring our city with Dan, traveling with him, eating, and drinking amazing craft cocktails and craft beer! I love getting outside to breathe in the fresh air, and I love taking walks, especially at the beach! We love and adore our two kitty cats: Kika and Spirit! I love SINGING and DANCING, and don’t do enough of it, but it is my hope to share more of that with you as we get out more in order to add content to our passion project/website/blog! Join us, and if you ever want to be featured as a guest blogger, drop us a message! Peace, love, and hugs!

About Dan

Catching the travel bug at an early age, I was blessed to be able to vacation quite a bit with my family during my childhood, to include yearly adventures to the Hawaiian Islands. Remembering the excitement I felt jumping in the car at the crack of dawn and driving to the airport, I could always tell when we were close by the smell of jet fuel filling my nostrils. I have never lost that sense of excitement and wonder when visiting somewhere new. A childlike curiosity to explore and dream of something more continues to drive my actions today. Now in my late 30’s, married, with a full-time job in the travel industry, I find myself constantly searching to be inspired by the world around me! My hope is that by sharing a little about myself, my struggles and authentic experiences, that it will help others (including myself) to connect with their own communities and believe in the power of change. My mind is open, my heart is ready, and my keyboard is waiting. Cheers!

What to expect from us

Our hope for this website is that it will become a source of inspiration and information that will include honest and interesting posts and reviews on travel & lifestyle, local restaurants, hotels & resorts, cultural events, and much more! Our focus will be providing informative and engaging posts about things to do in San Diego, but also expand our reach to a global community of travelers that want to experience life throughout the United States and abroad. Sampling a taste of the unknown, while also challenging our own preconceived notions of what is possible, The Tandem Travelers’ journey hopes to help others find life-changing experiences, and a path to rediscover themselves and the place they call home. We hope that you will join us!


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