6 Principles of a Yoga Journey: How to Cultivate Inner Peace

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Yoga is a near and dear topic for me. I took a college class during undergrad in Hatha Yoga and fell in love. I love traditional Hatha and Gentle Hatha because the pace allows me to feel a benefit on every level without feeling rushed or like I will hurt myself trying to get into the next pose. I love the pace and the balance of “Sun” and “Moon,” or heating and cooling poses/asanas. I may have taken a class here or there at 24 Hour Fitness or elsewhere, but I don’t remember it the way I remember taking that college course. I was committed to taking the course consistently and reflecting upon what it did for my soul. I cried a few times during, or at the end of class during my college days, and that still happens to me sometimes. I see crying as a natural release of emotions. It takes acceptance and courage to allow it to freely flow from the corners of my eyes. Allowing myself to feel my emotions and not judge my tears has allowed me to feel more freely over the years, and to embrace the release of what doesn’t serve me. It helps me break down walls and heal from trauma. I can’t even explain the overall experience of release for me, but I know many others can relate. I feel FREE when I do yoga. I feel free to be me, free of negative emotions, and full of all the things that I love.


Looking back, I should have continued my yoga practice through the years, but STRESS took me away from yoga. I was so focused on college that self-care wasn’t a priority for me back then. Along with stress in college, jobs, and personal life, stress and anxiety consumed a big part of my life for many years. Practicing and teaching yoga helps me accept my stress and anxiety and focus less on it, and more on my breathing. I love leading others through their practice, which actually helps me release fears, stress, and anxiety. It isn’t about perfection, and I no longer think or lead with fear. I think, lead and live from a place of BELIEF and FAITH over FEAR, and acknowledge that yoga and life is about “practice makes progress.” Every day I am still learning, growing and becoming a better and wiser human.


It was 10 years later in 2016, after many degrees (I ended up obtaining two AA’s, a BA in Sociology, and my MS in Counseling), many jobs later, and a lot of stress and too little self-care that I decided I needed to take a new path committed to caring better for myself and helping others do the same. I talked myself through my fears of not having a secure job, not having enough money to survive, not making family happy, not committing to career goals and having a retirement in place, being judged, etc. While facing these fears, I chose the path of belief, faith, and courage to quit my job and go into Yoga Teacher Training. I was inspired by many people in the world who were living a different life, taking better care of themselves, living life on their own terms, but ultimately I was hitting a break down point, and I knew I had to change my work and commuting situation, and take better care of myself.

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5. YOGA JAI MA, and becoming a TEACHER

I researched and considered different options on where to do my training. I am happy that I decided to take my training with Nita at Yoga Jai Ma in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA (Akasha Yoga Teacher Training). It is such a spiritual studio- and it was perfect for me on every level, because Nita is such a calm and kind soul. We had a small intimate group in the training. I felt safe with who I was and my emotions during the training. Going through Yoga Teacher Training was a challenge for me in many ways, especially with other personal things I had going on. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It did so much for me personally: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically- and I was now facing my fear of actually getting up in front of people to guide their practice. I didn’t start teaching right away. It was the holiday season and Dan and I were selling our home and trying to figure out our next move. Nita encouraged me to start teaching in May of 2017. I attended my first yoga retreat a month before I started teaching and that really helped me as I saw fellow yogis teach at the retreat, and some of them shared the challenge of being nervous as well. I love how kind, honest, open and understanding others have been that I have met in the Yoga Community. I have made so many friends, and love how this Kula keeps growing with such beautiful souls.



I see my yoga journey as such a blessing. It’s hard for me to put into words what yoga does for me. It brings a peace and calm to me that is hard to find in the normal day to day grind. It helps me stress less as I move through my days, commitments and tasks. It has helped my patience, tolerance and reaction to things outside of my control. I love zoning in with my breath and body movement: slowly, mindfully, gently, and peaceful. These aspects of my being and existence are very important to me. I have made self-care and self-love a priority over the past 2 years and I am satisfied and happy that I made this wise choice. It is my dharma (my reason for being, and life purpose) to help others bring more self-care and self-love into their own lives. I love all the beautiful souls I have met along my life journey, especially the past couple years. It seems like the mindset and focus of those who live and practice living with the desire and actions to take better care of self and others is where I resonate most. I am a firm believer and advocate for all of us taking better care of ourselves, so we can truly love and care for others. I am a work in progress, just like everyone else, striving to live my best life now.

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I also teach individual classes, groups, retreats/events, and workshops.

I have taught at a friend’s Baja Yoga retreat, a Stretch and Sip on Mother’s Day at a friend’s bar, taught classes for Wounded Warriors (being a USMC Veteran myself, teaching for Military, Veterans, and their families/kiddos is one of my favorite classes to teach). I have also been invited to spontaneously guest teach short yoga sessions on retreats when I was a participant. I have also taught sessions for family and friends for their special events such as weddings and vacations.

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I encourage anyone who has never tried yoga to go and try a class alone or with a friend. I personally feel it is best to start with slower styles of yoga such as: Gentle, Yin, Restorative, or Hatha before you take Vinyasa, “hot” yoga, or any of the more intense, advanced, or extreme types of yoga.  I would do your research, read reviews and ask around for reputable studios in your area. You may have to try a few different studios and/or yoga teachers to find your fit. It is great to experience different styles of yoga, and teaching styles instead of becoming too comfortable or stagnant. I LOVE trying new studios and experiencing different teaching styles. Everyone adds their own flare and strengths to their teaching style. We all have one life to live, and I believe you should go out there and experience and love the life you live!


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