Katie and Dan hiking in Oahu 2019



Guest Writer/Blogger Opportunity

Interested in sharing your travel or wellness story with the world? Become a part of our unique travel and wellness community! At The Tandem Travelers, part of our mission is to highlight our fellow travelers and wellness seekers as much as possible! After all,the word "tandem" can mean more than just two people (we checked, look it up). We are always searching for creative writers/bloggers looking for a platform to hone their craft and extend their reach. 

Your experiences can help inspire, educate, and encourage others who may be struggling to find their best life and live it right now! Please email us at for more information and guest posting/blogging guidelines!


Inspirational Interview Series

We believe in collaboration over competition, especially when it comes to sharing stories of amazing human beings like you! The goal of our interview series is to highlight folks that are truly living their best life NOW through travel and wellness activities! No matter what your passion: travel, personal wellness, entrepreneurship, or all the above, your journey is unique and has the power to inspire and motivate others. We are all individual works in progress, but we believe that all of us are better together! If you would like to be featured, please email us at for more details. 


Become a Travel and Wellness Lifestylist - TTT Affiliate Program

Coming Soon...more details to follow.


TTT Freelance Media Services

Our team of talented remote content creators are ready and willing to lend a hand on your next campaign! We have extensive experience in the travel and leisure space with a focus on the personal wellness niche.  

We help companies connect with their target market increasing ROI through fun, educational, creative experiential marketing services including...

  • Blog Writing
  • Travel Photography
  • Promotional Video/Scripts 
  • Social Media Campaigns/Takeovers

Please email us at for more details and media kit.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!