Our Story


Dan and Katie "The Tandem Travelers" sitting together back to back with globe in between them

Hi! We're Dan & Katie. The creatives behind the travel and wellness lifestyle brand “The Tandem Travelers." We are just a couple of crazy kids (at heart) riding the waves of personal growth, experiential travel, and entrepreneurship.

Where to start?

For anyone out there that has ever felt or currently feels stressed out, overwhelmed, or overworked, we get it!

The balance between work life and personal life can be difficult to navigate. Ever catch yourself thinking, “I never have enough time to take care of myself,” or “I can never decide what do or where to go,” and our personal favorite, “I can’t afford to travel or take a vacation.” Not to worry, we are right there with you.

Trapped in the employment rat race for many years, we both felt unfulfilled. We were always looking for that next job or opportunity that would make us happy. How could we make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of others while at the same time pursuing our passions?

Using our knowledge of the travel industry and personal wellness space, we launched "The Tandem Travelers" in July 2017. For the first two years, our initial vision of a travel blog and sharing our travel and wellness experiences online has been constantly evolving and changing.


July 2017 Launch Party "The Tandem Travelers" Katie and Dan holding up framed logo smiling

Why Travel and Wellness Inspired Apparel?

As it is in business and in life, our most recent pivot in the world of e-commerce has been an exciting one. Our travel and wellness inspired apparel business has become a sort of therapy for us. We have found a creative and unique way to share our designs with other travelers on their own wellness journeys. It's all about discovering the things that make you happier, healthier, and the best version of yourself. It’s our hope that you discover your own best life through the stories and information we share on the blog, and the clothing designs we create.

Dan creating designs in downtown works coworking space with branded shirts in foreground

Meet the Team

Co-Founder Dan Krefft in Mexico eating a taco


I caught the travel bug at an early age. My family vacationed a lot during my early childhood. I still remember the body tingling excitement I felt when jumping into the car for that long-awaited drive to the airport. The sweet smell of jet fuel signaled that we had arrived at our destination. A childlike curiosity to explore the world and dream of something “more” continues to drive my actions today. I am a dreamer. I am a storyteller. I am a work in progress.

After college, I struggled to find fulfilling work. I worked in retail, finance, market research, health and fitness, and travel. Don’t get me wrong, I had some amazing co-workers and bosses who challenged and inspired me every day. My struggle was more internal. My battle with depression and generalized anxiety was once a subject that I did not dare discuss with anyone. I feared being judged by my friends, family, and co-workers. Seeking help and working through my mental challenges, I find healing through travel, writing, and my personal wellness journey.

I hope the products we sell and the stories we share will inspire others to make positive changes in their own lives and find the courage to get out of their comfort zones. Traveling and enjoying life outside of work is possible even if you are dealing with stress and anxiety. I love to help others discover for themselves new and creative ways to face their fears. Anything is possible. It is never too late to re-write your story. Keep dreaming and never give up. Cheers!

Katie Krefft sitting on a bench in Gent posing for a picture


I have always enjoyed hanging out with family and friends, and I was blessed to experience new adventures and go on road trips with my parents, camp and hang out with family and friends at an early age. After graduating high school and dropping out of college, and I decided to unexpectedly join the USMC! I proudly served my country in the United States Marine Corps, which granted me the opportunity to visit new destinations. I soon realized just how much I loved traveling.

Immersing myself into new cultures and observing how others define their own reality is a passion of mine. I love meeting new people, and I love helping people. After earning a few degrees, serving the local San Diego community, and committing myself to a variety of populations, I am currently fulfilling a dream of mine working as a Yoga Teacher. I have a special place in my heart for teaching and working kids, helping military families, and being a resource for Veterans transitioning back into society. Travel, yoga, and other health and wellness activities can enrich and save lives. I am excited to share my passion for travel, yoga, health/wellness/lifestyle, music, and dance with the world! I love exploring San Diego, eating, and drinking amazing craft cocktails and craft beer! I love getting outside to breathe in the fresh air, and I love taking walks, especially at the beach! We love and adore our two kitty cats: Kika and Spirit! I love SINGING and DANCING and would love to do more of it!